Blueprints of the Afterlife

by Deathamphetamine



This album was from the first digital DA recording that I ever attempted in 2007-2008. It was quickly abandoned when I realized that I didn't know what the fuck I was doing when it came to recording. The songs on this album were so technically difficult that it kind of drove me crazy and led to the reboot of the band in 2009 as a more stripped down outfit. This technical difficulty, combined with my insane ideal of trying to make everyone do everything in one take, and my lack of recording knowledge, really broke us all down completely.
So this is from the dead period of the band from 2006-2009, a true "Lost Album" as it were... Attempts to bring this back from the dead were made a couple of times, and after recording a bunch of other bands and taking some recording courses, I was finally able to get it into a releasable state... warts and all. This is not your typical polished modern day tech-death album. It is full of mistakes and the sloppy, surging intensity that was always the reality of the band.
It features some guest appearances by past members Asaf Jalfin and Ben Hunsdorfer and features underrated DA vocalist Pat Rennick (Spitting Black & Brain famine) who finally gets to have his contribution to the band be recognized.
The subject matter of the album is very dated, but seems newly relevant today in our rapidly decaying world. It is also somewhat prophetic of the obviously inevitable current state of things, so what better time than now?
The cover art and title are a direct tribute to the amazing sci-fi novel "Blueprints of the Afterlife" by Ryan Boudinot. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It's themes are so inline with the ideas that we have presented in DA over the years, that I wanted to tie them both together somehow. Mark Richard's painstaking rendition of the ideas based on the lyrical content of the band, and the design of the novel, is exactly the massive and immersive world that I wanted the listener to be able to enter.
Thanks everyone who ever supported us over the years! I am glad we could finally put this out. Just to be clear this is not a reunion or another re-boot, just a long overdue piece of unfinished business. Enjoy!



released February 8, 2018

Produced by Deathamphetamine
Recording and mastering by Scott Beckett from 2008-2018
Cover art and Logo by Mark W. Richards at Heavy Hand Illustration.

Vocals: Pat Rennick
Drums: Cristian Gazmuri
Bass: Marcus Frattura
Guitar and vocals: Scott Beckett
Lead Guitar: Nick Tranghese

Guest Lead guitar by Asaf Jalfin on "They Live, We Sleep"
Guest Vocals by Ben Hunsdorfer on "Dark Chivalry"
and introducing Ryan McConnell for breakdown death gurgles on "The Grand Homogenizer"


all rights reserved



Deathamphetamine Boston, Massachusetts

Check out the new album “Blueprints of the Afterlife”

Sci-fi Grinding Thrash, formed in 2002.
Lyrical themes include: Sci-fi, environmental destruction, phantasmagoric events, dystopian present and future.
Influences: death metal, punk, hardcore, grind, black metal, and power metal.
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Track Name: The Cathedral of Industry

Six months five day I wait
Steeping in a sea of the unemployed
Desperate for the wage he gives
Lifted from the pit but at what cost?

Other drones cheer me on
Muttered under breath they curse my name
They hate the fortune I got in place of their innocence
Youth is favored by him

Pinkertons smash them to the ground
River rouge complex in total lockdown
For the opportunity he gives
The chance to be a machine in the ultimate inefficiency

Eating, breathing, shitting Model T’s

Now I pass them by almost every day
I can see the look on their face I’ve had so many times
Now I can start my life anew in the glow of the modern age
But they still sit and rot and wait with purgatory on their minds

No social interaction on the line
The slightest indiscretion throws off the timing
Subject to the fascism he wants
To be the lord of all that he’s created in the aftermath

Sacrifice that I made
Just to work and not to starve
Subject to the whims of fuhrer Ford
Mandatory journals of his fascist law
Disinvestment panic, zero confidence, full-scale default with no chance of recovery
Our master always knew just what his choice would be

No one saw it coming back then
They just saw the profits without end in sight
It’s a fragile world that we’re living in
Always in the shadow of depression it could come again

Free want to be free again
Now I feel these city walls start closing in
Desperate and despaired until the car came along
The answer is suburbia

The cathedral of industry
Track Name: They Live, We Sleep

Minds to dangerous to exist
Not some but all of these thoughts
Create mistrust and unrest
The World Bank, IMF, Wal-Mart, and the UN
Made damn well sure that the human race would never think again!

The plan set in motion
To trivialize all human thought
Emotions, interactions, devalued
Until reality gets lost in sands of time and questions die
Why does it have to end this way?
If hope exists, one foot’s been in the grave
This false rebellion gives purpose, but who can tell them?
It suckles all their basest hates and fears and reassures them
We construct meaningless ideals
Distractions from the dire problems, that are very fucking real
Much harder now to think of ways to take it back
Much easier to blame it all on the Jewish and the blacks

I say that it is time to begin again
I say that it is time to begin again
I say that it is time to begin again
But is it too late?

Ever stop to think why it is that you hate?
You’re a pawn
Another demographic in the market structure
No free will
I say that it is time to begin again
Right this time

They live, we sleep

It’s a prison system built in your brain
They invited you in for a better life free from doubt and pain
The death and destruction that constantly fucks you is no longer real
Possessions and internet identities are how you feel
They’ve helped you build a shell around yourself
Facilitating reinforcement of childhood defenses with profit pretenses
You’ll buy them all, they know you will, conditioned from birth to consume
You’re a joke, you’re the punch line, you’ve created your own hell

The plan, set in motion
And you’ll die before you learn what you did back then
And how you helped
Make it happen, their dream, right this time
Your life is a joke
Don’t ask why, you’d rather die
Track Name: Ascending the Void

Thoughts have long since carried meaning
Inundation of the mind
Drowning in a mental deluge
Thirsting madness swallows all

Stifling cries of perception
Analyzing, justifying, rationalization
Expanding consciousness a gateway to insanity
Onslaught of existence slaughters this reality

Resistance in vain to these malignant processes
Multiplying rapidly, sapping all vitality

Thought patterns that were not meant to be conceived
Is this evolution or society’s disease?

Falling beyond
Established rules
Writhing in the grip
Of the unknown void

Touch the face of chaos
Death is but a gateway
To Infinite dreams
Taste the fruits of wisdom
Give to unforeseen ways
Death is but a gateway
To infinite dreams

Ascending to the cusp of infinity
Secrets of the universe now made clear to see
Language is lost in this absolution
Humanity is shed with the retribution
The sacrifice is made there can be no turning back
Cognizance engulfed in the realm of the black
See the true nature of that which will always lie beyond you

Falling to the depths from heights never reached again
Agony unequaled in the world of mortal men

Praying to deaf gods for a merciful demise
Ensnared and brutalized by the promise of a lie

Knowledge is dissected in the wake of certain death
Fragments of omniscience dissipating with each breath
To understand nothing is to comprehend infinity
Such is the essence of true divinity

The sacrifice is made there can be no turning back
Cognizance engulfed in the realm of the black
See the true nature of that which will always lie beyond you
Track Name: Dark Chivalry

Experimenting with dark arts of immortality
Ebb and flow into dimensions unknown to humanity
Touching the veil, a wreath of mist descends before my eyes
Forging unforeseen dimensions, wormholes through space and time

Disciples of chaos
Minions of unlight
Mercers to Gaia
And takers of life

We are following a path of dark chivalry
It promises that we will never trust in what we see
Disciples in the path of esoteric liturgy
Sacrificial rites, coveted spirit hold
To gain transcendence we must nullify all that is known
And as the dustbin of hypocrisy overflows
We choose to follow in the footsteps of immortal souls
Kindred vision, rising beyond the mystery
A sacred balance stunted by language and history
Of crystal knowledge we have forged a path in serenity
Complete submission will result in ecstasy
In an age where politics subvert attention wantonly
Illuminated we shall press on, vehemently

Dark Chivalry
Code of Battle
Dark Chivalry
It’s the final epoch

If at first you fail to comprehend the notion here
Let me take you on the path where you confront your fear
Do you want to live like that?
Do you want to live like this?
There must be another way
There must be an alternative

Disciples of chaos
Minions of unlight
Mercers to Gaia
And takers of life
Track Name: The Grand Homogenizer

Clutching fists full of black soil, when will I return?
Earth to earth, sod to sod
Darkened matter death obscures
Earthworms feast upon the fragments left behind
Naïve children ask, beyond the realm of death what lies?

Swords of magic level all
Greeting death with ease of game
Beckoning arm extended back to one
Strike of lightning meets the earth
And Thor’s hammer wanes
Reminding all who dwell from whence we came

The Grand Homogenizer
It has one single goal
It levels anti-matter through assimilation threshold
It opens spirit worlds to guide the energy
Proto assemblage wherever need be

Living ignorantly here, denying all that’s told
Ice is melting, slowly sinking, believing the Christian teaching
Water will erode the bible into sludge
Your concept of faith submerged, in what we’ve become

Ancient forces showed the way to escape this dismal fate
Reminding us, man has always come undone
Tidal waves smash the earth, a final threatening
Demanding recognition once again

The Grand Homogenizer
It has one single goal
It levels anti-matter through assimilation threshold
It opens spirit worlds to guide the energy
Proto assemblage wherever need be
For humans to ignorant to see

Gaian parasites, feeding
All one creature, bleeding
Incestuous breeding