DA​/​AA split

by Deathamphetamine



These 3 songs were supposed to come out as split with the Richmond Virginia band Argento Agenda, but it never happened. We never did an official release of this material, which sucks because these are some of the most intense songs we have ever written. You can really hear the difference that nick made in the sound of the band. He wrote the majority of the riffs in all of these songs.


released June 6, 2006

Artwork by Adrian Dexter. Logo by Mark Richards. Recorded 04/06/06 at dead air studios by Will Killingsworth. It was originally mastered by Corey Smoot, but that version of everything is only in MP3 form at this point for some reason, so these versions are the studio masters EQ'd a bit by me.


all rights reserved



Deathamphetamine Boston, Massachusetts

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Sci-fi Grinding Thrash, formed in 2002.
Lyrical themes include: Sci-fi, environmental destruction, phantasmagoric events, dystopian present and future.
Influences: death metal, punk, hardcore, grind, black metal, and power metal.
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Track Name: Dawn of no Release
it comes at a time in your life when you're susceptible to influence
grabbing a hold of your cortex until you finally give in
tentacles wrapping around and consuming the last of your soul
history, confining mankind with the coveting future it holds

Submit, give in
its so much easier to live a myth
bare your throat, sell your soul
to frequencies of flashing light
feels so good

channel surf, warrior
a technilogicthulu
needs human brains to continue to dominate isolate and numb the pain
blank stares are all I see void expressions of reality

you know when somebody ditches you for TV?
Tendrils of mass media own you and me
incorporate what you see its just they want the best for you
tiny men making plans for a sabotage hiding in a box until you drift away to sleep

don't get too caught up to notice that the suffocating pain will pass
as soon as you relax...

conception began with the process of each working to his own end
gradually globally creatures emerged and they were widely regarded as friends
hurt by failure in a process hat was designed just to see us fail
brought back far from unscathed

who wants to see anything but the pleasing images shown on the screen?
And who would believe the paranoid few who warn us of how far he tentacles reach
aneurysms to all that willing bear witness to system regime
this is the final sunset to the dawn of no release

reanimated, in color vision
peer before my eyes i see an image and a lie
blinded by a supplement to life, it prenatal genocide
Track Name: Acquisitions
Through existence Ive acquired
xeonobiotic substances becoming part of my life
who are we to question simple truths upon the loss of pride?
Shedding zero tears for what we cant completely comprehend

Leaching into magnitudes that weren't foreseen by scientists
bio-accumulation reaches toxic levels inside of fish
radioactive isotopes a cocktail for the river bed
sewer sludge, damming up, coagulated

Sitting here, asphyxiated by the gases in the atmosphere we can't filter out
would you applaud your kid for wiping his own ass?
Or move ahead incinerate the trash?
Our choice is quite limited
to what we put inside our head
toxic land supplying bread
entering the web again...

following a path of existence
through the source of the mind

its time to die from cianide
elements accumulate with nowhere left to run and hide
effluents of our demise
autotrophic by design

ominous in intellect, unaware of side effects
unparalleled in our ability to collect
garbage is burned or buried and both ways it gets into the water we drink everyday.

All things in life are not necessary for a human to exist
emerging and re-evaluating standards set by individuals under an iron fist
no regulation and less accountability for externalities of manufacturing plants
acid brings a barren land
exudating ppm

biomass decreases again
turning forest into sand
crossing species off the list
It is that which I detest
gasping for air; grasping for something to make me sane
staring down the drain....

anthropogenic leachates rendered insoluble through organic processes
intrinsic in the value of the solvent is the cost down the line

Following a path of extinction,
through the source of the mind

and so goes the story of man, scribed in stone and carved by hand
met with unmatched intelligence, ferocity guided by common sense
negative effects outweigh the benefits
using a resource as we see fit
sequestered in the cells of every living being
molecular dystrophy
Track Name: The Last Battlefield
First condemn, then attack. Hatred. You've been obsessing with undermining all that I hold dear, you won't deny this. And I have searched a million miles to initiate change, which your race abhors. Coming to terms of compromise is done with, (I'm) finding a method of bringing you to justice for your crimes. I've been obsessing with finding you, you cannot run this time. You won't escape me. An I have searched a million miles to shoot you in the brain, I think I've earned it. You're to blame for why this planet lies dead. The war, the cold, the same is on your head. You challenged us too much we had to nuke it all. the axis tipped and now your race will fall. "Do you suppose hate was all they ever had?" "No, but it's all they have left." Let that become their last battlefield. The hate cannot be stopped until they realize on both sides, their faces are the same. Vicious subverter, undermining every decent thought. You can't deny this. Utopia is what you ask, it cannot be done, in days or years. I've been obsessing from running from you just to get away, from the revolutions army. And I have traveled a million miles just to live in dignity. I think I've earned it. You're to blame for why this planet lies dead. The war the cold the shame is on your head. You challenged us too much we had to nuke it all. The axis tipped, and now your race will fall. Raided homes, tear us from our families. Herded us together like cattle. Sold as slaves, educated just to serve. why should a slave show mercy to enslaver? Were we free to be men and to live our lives in equality? The dignity we ask for, it will never be given to us. It's so easy to create, a scapegoat to explain the strife. we could have listened to them, but they're half black and were half white.