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From Hand Axe to Laser

by Deathamphetamine

The cost of life remained unknown to those who then did raise the stones. All they knew was what they saw in the sky. The hearth and the hide were the symbols of treaty dependence on land and they sowed by hand the seeds that brought the harvest for future conception of children. Streaked with the sweat and the blood of their ancestors, some persevere but then many would fall prey to a race of carrion scavengers ready to tear the skin from the bone. Totemic beasts of mortal man now hear the eagles cry. A crack of thunder heralds sleet to open up the sky. Words present abstractions and condense to form like clouds. A futuristic epic told despite the lack of god. Hand to hand their combat demands the valor of men led by courage alone. Autothanasia before their dishonor, just as they would justify a knife to the heart before bowing to heathens. So too would their fortitude be carried along to their brethren descendants. Standing stones would teach them to hold fast, despite the whirlwind. Totemic beasts of mortal man extending to the sky. Fill the warriors lungs and surge as seething battle cries. Blood was shed by some so that the rest could carry on to ask the question. What is time? the minutes go unmanned. It passes through celestial tracks and travels across the land. People of the monolith now turn their gaze asky, and praise the unknown world above as the generations struggle to survive. In the age of the monolith a life ceases to exist.
Boring useless lives wasting precious time. A bleak reminder that there's more than meets the eyes and ears are senseless, beaten, dull and useless; full of fruitless lies. Alone and cold we slowly die. Process depression, unconscious state of reality. A brutal subterfuge of senses creating lesions in morality. Stumbling, delirious, homicidal visions of a crescent moon. Excavating cadavers infection splatters in array with vengeance in my eye ablaze in midnight sky. Forgive me time worn souls. The sands of time have dwindled fine, unable to deplore an act of fate. A monument of ash I call my own. Who chose me to be the one to fall from grace. Primitive inhuman breed, with wolven eyes I see third person dreams, inducing screams, scattering of bile, gut debris. Wince at the sun's eternal flame. Light the fire for a thousand days. Fuel the blaze with the carrion remains. In my chapel I will kill. An orgy of apocalyptic creed, kindling to germinate the demon seed. Spew forth the words of feral prophecy: memories I can't recall. Boring usless lives using up our time. Spewing from the sewers belching caustic slime. I know the victim can't be blamed for predisposing suicide. In the end you're all alone when you die. Burn your bones, grind your spine, now you're mine. You end your life alone/Protected by the sanctity of deed. A seal unbroken for eternity. Through the dead my spirit rising free. when it's finally done then you will see.
Crush 04:50
Suffer to grow, shatter your soul, crushing pain layered deep in anesthesia. Borderline, caving in, give in to the Irony. Annihilation, eradicated crumbled into dust on the corner of a schizophrenic mind. Validation in degradation; no one seems to notice that it happens every where. No regard for sympathy and no affiliation to the movements that attach themselves to sanity. Atrocities committed with no end in sight. So try as you might crush will prevail to own your fucking life. Struggles aside, all must sacrifice. Crush thick slab granite, bearing down on me. The relentless forces of gravity. Pulverized and brought to a state of equilibrium standing still. Pressure builds upon free will. Delayed planetismal bombardment. Calcium and others combined. Water becomes obselete, still questions flood the mind. Decoding the cryptic encasing, melting like the glacial terrain. Volcanic metazoa, geomorphic change.
fundamental permutations catalystic changes timely ascertation, an alteration in the life of early man the energy flow would change, causing a rift in the age, tools crafted not for trade but to harness the sun but what of want other than food or need to fuck? as complexity of the hunt increased the naked ape changed his luck harvesting soup of death and bank of black combustible wet dreams flow, let go... an ever changing eternity, from hand axe to laser humans are constantly looking for ways to better their lives the vein of technology pulses and throbs away laughing while innocence dies momentum builds exponentially persuasive proof of unreliability until its rendered obsolete forced existence consuming to feel gaining mass appeal contrived advancement spreading through the land manufacture death fundamentally binding us with blinding lust for a future untold here we sit; mannequins, slaves to a predestined fate, to consume and procreate fundamental permutations based in concentrations of need, scarring the seed, soiling the bond beyond sanity shades of future acquisitions, forced into submission and certainly not about to take control of our own destiny
Check the Inside jacket images until I have time to write them out.


First EP with Marcus on bass, last with Asaf on guitar. Asaf is the lead guitar player on this album even though Nick appears on the inside jacket of the disc.


released September 1, 2005

Layout by by Deathamphetamine. Artwork by Adrian Dexter. Recorded at Dead Air studios By Will Killingsworth. Mastered at New Alliance Studios. All music and lyrics by Deathamphetamine. Produced by Deathamphetamine


all rights reserved



Deathamphetamine Boston, Massachusetts

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Sci-fi Grinding Thrash, formed in 2002.
Lyrical themes include: Sci-fi, environmental destruction, phantasmagoric events, dystopian present and future.
Influences: death metal, punk, hardcore, grind, black metal, and power metal.
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