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The Lost Album

by Deathamphetamine

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    Stolen by crackheads and left for future spacemen to ponder.
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1-1-2-3-5 01:40
1-1-2-3-5: Words and music by Jay Inman No! Where am I now? All I see is dark, never ending. No! No no this can’t be the end, there was no tim,e I was not ready. No no no no noooooo But this is not the end now I can see. I have not yet fulfilled my long since chosen destiny. And so shall be that which now my will foresees I know the answer now to secrets of eternity. There is no end, there is only now, there is only one, ONE So become one.
Losing it all: Words and music by Scott Beckett Go, go insane, hereditary neuroproteins folding in my brain. I’ve got the voices screaming in my head, when I go to bed. I think I’ve seen the future now am I the same? I’m in quite a pickle now, I’ve got a nail in there, it attaches things together, I’m in pain don’t you care? The machine that’s sitting at my feet, it’s too tight on my neck. The schizophrenic tendency my family legacy. Choices: you live alone, you die alone. Or rejoin society, society is wrong. Paranoid, all enemies, who are they now? Every one I know will turn, will turn against me now! Life is pain, anxiety, which is all conjured /mentally/ I’m cut in two. I know that no one’s really out to get me But I don’t know what to do, now that I suspect you. GO insane, inevitable now. Life is pain, so mentally escape. Looking back on all the acid trips. Got to try, to overcome it all. Go insane losing it all. In your brain, losing it all!
Dactyl nightmare: Words and music by Scott Beckett The moment we’ve been waiting for has finally come to pass, somehow still; we’re waiting for: the ultimate in technology. This is how our realities burned! When you finally pass through the gates there’s more of the same purgatory. The greatest disappointment that the world has ever seen. Holding on to the dream, we board the machine; we’ll get our minds blown. Polygonal pterodactyls every where! When you try and find your way through this new world, you don’t understand What your life will be like. The precedent’s been set. This is what you waited for it wasn’t worth it. You could wait in line again and go through it all, but the probability You’ll get it right this time is so fucking small. The greatest disappointment that the world has ever seen, but you learn to expect the worst. No hope left bout what’s in store for you.
The Black Moment: Words and music by Scott Beckett Why do we compromise? Doing things that we all know are wrong? And so we lie to ourselves to justify it all. Just so completely oblivious, to moral contradiction that is caused: deception Insidious is what you feed the public on. I seem to find: people like this all the time Who seem to think they’re not a part of propagation, They’re a part of some sort of trendy rebellion, But it’s not directed towards anything real. What hope do we have left if at all? Fight Blind Die A corrupt immoral, mass misdirection. Do they ever reach that black moment, when we realize that we are causing the destruction of humanity and part of the big lie? Do they turn away? Do we turn away? How many times will we see it with no reaction? Tentacles encircle you again.
The Immortalist: Music by Marcus Frattura, lyrics by Scott Beckett and Marcus Frattura. The endless dream of all mankind: to escape the grip of death. Emboldened in this modern age I embarked upon this quest. The cryogenic process, a testament of faith, to scientific progress, if only we could wait. Deferring to a future time the problems of today, in a vessel of my own design; free from decay. Three bodies to a single cell poorly maintained but I meant well. With the proper funding they might yet escape this icy hell. The weight of hopes from their families laid in my hands would prove too much for my sanity to withstand. The ends would justify the means, a fucking ponzi scheme, to satiate the bereaved’s desperate dreams. I seem to remember giving them the news, which is something that they swear I didn’t do. When the first capsules failed I tried to tell them you can’t just turn it back on after the week that I’ve been gone. They’re gone. The modules have all failed, they’re hot to the touch, skeletons bathed in flesh fermented into blackened sludge. Maybe I just called them on the phone instead of meeting them to say “your daughter has rotted away.”
Domestic Human: Words by Scott Beckett Music by Marcus Frattura Feat Ben Hunsdorfer Feeding time! It’s enough to make me throw up, to think about, Butchered! Frozen! 
Animals! Struggling at their last in factories of death they wind up: deep fried, devoured! 
Why then does my mouth continue watering? I’m slobbering even as I think about our awful way of life! 

How do we so easily avert our eyes? We cannot stand the sight of it. 
Perhaps the guilt would drive us mad, but there is something more! 
Maybe we don’t see the problem because we can’t see what we don’t understand. 
Capacity for self reflection is the next to go! 

Beat down: the nature that surrounds us. To pave the way for progress we destroy with brute force. 
That which will sustain the human race is ground up every second, turned into disposables, consumed more and more. 
We poison the 3rd world even faster, so we all can have our constant entertainment items blasting out the world around us. 
Consumption and media keep us all at bay like fences around cattle, shepherding the masses, and I just go along with it. 

Reinforced behaviors and our fear, have transformed us, mutated us into another species. Under complete control, the next step in enslavement: Domesticated Man. 

These unnatural conditions, which allowed us to survive, have made us act more 
Efficiency like a factory farm overflowing with feces, efficiency like animal labor, but you’re behind the yoke. 
You’re the butt of the joke that is always being pulled by the privileged few. Keep reaching for that golden ring hanging there in front of you. 

Now we try to not so quickly look away at what we are, but there is so much left that we don’t understand. We cannot start to comprehend the final form of human kind, or the fate of the world, so what can we hold onto to just to slow it down? Domesticated humankind: our evolution’s end is near.
More Sauce for the Goose: Words and music by Scott Beckett A no-win situation is the finest test of what you’re made of. How we deal with death is how we deal with life. Decisions that are made decide the fate of those you trust. Will they live or will they die? It’s the captain’s duty to go down with the ship. History will tell us the strength of your spine, But you never thought it would end like this. You didn’t believe it ever would. And now that you feel the age in your bones, it’s not the same as it was when you Traveled the stars getting laid, laying down the law. Like some sort of celestial ejaculate, you fucked the prime directive raw. So now your mistakes are lurking underneath the bed you’ve made. Those you stranded on this dying planet found a way to gather power and when they find you they will make you pay! Coming for your family first, the genesis of all that is, is what’s at stake if you don’t take the blame. What you take for granted will become clear. Sacrifice what you hold most dear. They’re the ones that always held you up. Arrogance is what is going to let them down. Cause you don’t like to lose and you’ve never faced death. How could you have known? Your guard was down. You should have thought about the enemies you’d made. He was there to bail you out, he knew the cost. A nobler decision made. His own life you all outweighed. And now that you watch him die you realize the cost of pride. The times have changed from the days where your crew would always be there at your Side to praise you. You’re alone in that chair Jim, you always were, just like you left her: Buried alive! You struggle as you try and say goodbye to the better man.
Stalinizer 03:33
Stalinizer: Words and music by Scott Beckett Erasing all the traces from history; purging those who don’t believe. No one else can know about /dissent/ destabilizes everything we’ve built. A crucial key to win the war on control with total victory: the masses must not ever know that they never really were surrounded by enemies. This brutal tool of mental oppression was long ago made obsolete. It took a long time to realize the lessons of simplicity. Instead of wasting resources on enforced control, call upon their endless greed. Imply consumption is the only freedom, and ignorance will exceed all expectations of /a fascist’s wildest dreams/ could never foretell the profits made from fear, not of government but of our peers. Wants turn to needs as decay and disease are ignored. When the past need be forgotten, or lessons of our history, attention spans simply phase it out and change the channel on TV. The internet is the next step, total immersion in apathy. Never feeling the weight of the world under six feet of earth we’re fucking dead already. We knew the dangers of the corporate construct, but we let them in-to our minds, into our hearts, into our thoughts, into our speech. Warnings repeated for so long it got co-opted losing all significance becoming part of the whole. An indication of how numb we’ve become. How else could you explain why we just watch the world slip away?
The Last Man 06:40
The Last Man: Lyrics and music by Marcus Frattura He opened his eyes, aged only a fraction of the centuries of time elapsed during his journey to the stars, but on this world to which he now arrived. He did not expect to recognize the future race or the world on which they would reside, but greater still was the grim surprise: a degenerate parody of humankind. Something had gone horribly awry, the way that they regarded this man from the sky, nothing even human in their eyes, indicative of beings whom had once been civilized. Wandering absent of mind in the ruins of this world he had left behind, speech in grunts he couldn’t comprehend, how had mankind come to this ignoble end? The process of de-evolution was plain to see in the evidence that was left behind. Monoliths of garbage, monuments to the greedy and blind: headstones on the grave of the mind. Last remains of culture, buried beneath the ash: overcome by the mountains of trash. The metaphor was clear from which one could extrapolate intelligence was mankind’s recessive genetic trait! Beneath the rubble they would find prophecies foretelling the beginning of the end. In which horrified philosophers described a society enraptured in self destructive trends. Evolutionary values reversed, mediocrity rewarded, exceptionalism cursed. A world in which the dull would succeed and breed has become very dull indeed. The prophecy’s fulfillment is at hand “I understand” said the last man.


Stolen by crackheads and left for future spacemen to ponder.
BUY THE TAPE!!!!! Out NOW for only 5$ on 4 color CASSETTES!! Only available in all colors from Obscenity Cult records. Available at Armageddon Shop Boston in red only . The Cassette version has a special Intro and hidden cover track not available online, exclusive liner notes, artwork, and lyrics sheet/poster and includes a free digital download of the album as well. This album was mastered for cassette. The link to the OCR web-store is in our "websites" section in the sidebar to the right under our profile pic!


released March 1, 2012

Recorded and mixed By Scott Beckett (Guitar/Lead vocal), Performed by Deathamphetamine, Mastered by Eric Braunschweiger, Produced by Deathamphetamine and Obscenity cult records.


all rights reserved



Deathamphetamine Boston, Massachusetts

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Sci-fi Grinding Thrash, formed in 2002.
Lyrical themes include: Sci-fi, environmental destruction, phantasmagoric events, dystopian present and future.
Influences: death metal, punk, hardcore, grind, black metal, and power metal.
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