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Post Apocalyptic Revisionist History

by Deathamphetamine

Removed from the skull, by a force unknown. No predator would eat the tongue, and leave the rest alone. Torsos crushed completely at the mountain of the dead. No evidence of avalanche, only caved in heads. Total chest implosion, no external damage done. With no evidence of one missing tongue. Siberian wasteland of death. At Daytlov the hiker's fate was met. Frozen and mangled by forces unknown. Ancient forbidden zone, forever it must be left alone. the tongue was never ever found.
20 years of planning deprivation and obsession led to this obsession. A machine that bends the flow of time is finally complete. But normal time and anti time can simply not exist in the same place - Paradox. Now we've made it to the past and what do we get? We get what we want! Mankind ceases to exist. You can't find any way out of it. Travel to the place where the temporal anomaly has occurred, but you can't find it so you search and search. Didn't even realize it's bigger in the past. You've got to find out why and find out fast! Fast approaching paradoxical apocalyptical disaster strikes, and you caused it all. Temporal displacement. Curiosity precedes the fall. Temporal abortion!
How can we change the world today? What do you really mean by change? If you want your dreams sucked dry, they're happy to oblige. Make make me feel like I really belong then fill my head with lies! Felt I knew it along, but I glazed it over because the issues were so... My righteousness was strong that I failed to see the cause I worked so hard for made the choices for me! Don't know what to think anymore. What was I really working for? We tried to believe in something. Somehow becoming disposable, expendable, forgettable. Discounting all the ones we left behind. Washing out or quitting was so weak it was so wrong. I still had to look them in the eye, and tell them they're not good enough to do what they though was right.
Pissed On 02:33
So you've got nothing left? Obviously your fault. The job you had laid you off because you weren't working quite hard enough. No responsibility for corporate decisions made. Employee pensions cut to accommodate their next raise. You lose. Then what you get is dependent on debt, and a job at wal-mart that doesn't pay you shit. And you were scammed into buying a home with the promise of a better life that no one can afford. Now you're the one who's a second class citizen, and they'll never take the fucking blame. What a joke. What country do you live in? The land of the free? Free to exploit you! When they fuck up they'll do it again. Just wait 5 years until bailouts kick in. Now you understand the invisible hand, and how hard it beats you. You're taken for granted. Trickle down, trickled on, pissed on, Pissed ON! Don't believe the bullshit. It's your consumption that allows them to do this. Say it's old news and you don't give a shit, but this is a crime in which we all are complicit as long as we allow corporate rights to equal our own.
We're fucking foaming at the mouth, we struggle for dominance, screaming "we will crush you!" till it's written on our graves. You always knew that you were right, doubt never phasing you. The other is the enemy and they'd do the same. The world was always ours to take by manifest destiny. to the victor go the spoils the patterns of history. The cause of all your problems, what they do just sickens you, the downfall of civilization. you're Blind to the designs of the real enemy. They're counting up their dollars as they laugh at your stupidity, and always hoping that you won't see through their lies. You just deny the truth. Unconscious conjecture, you don't understand. Ignorant inference, you don't even realize! We're superstitious pigeons looking up into the sky, only finding meaning in illusions and in lies. We don't know what we did but think it got us something in the end. The way you think the world is working doesn't matter to me. Your false perceptions that will congeal into your beliefs. Never realizing this is what you base your hate! hate! you base your hatred on! Fighting the future with xenophobia, and hate for the masses, but you can't escape it. AAAAARRRGG


2009 Galambis Records. Our first release after a long difficult period for the band. New sound, and me back on vocals and guitar. The name of the album has like 20 layers of meaning for me, but the most obvious ones are the most important.


released May 1, 2009

Engineered by Scott Beckett and Asaf Jalfin. Layout by John Galanis. Cover art by Mark Richards. Produced by Jon Galanis and Deathamphetamine.


all rights reserved



Deathamphetamine Boston, Massachusetts

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Sci-fi Grinding Thrash, formed in 2002.
Lyrical themes include: Sci-fi, environmental destruction, phantasmagoric events, dystopian present and future.
Influences: death metal, punk, hardcore, grind, black metal, and power metal.
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